Discover the Secret to Simple and Effective Horsemanship Anyone can use

Horse Teacher U is more than just the next level of the School of Horse...

It provides stepping-stones to a lifelong journey of being a true

Student of the Horse!

Harness your curiosity to learn about your horse... and yourself.

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What motivates you?

  • Safety: If your horse is your true partner, you will be able to work together to overcome obstacles, rather than being at odds with one another when a bad situation arises.
  • Confidence: The more you know how to do, the more confident you will be.  We can help you get rid of the doubt and worry and replace it with knowing what to do, as well as how, when and why.
  • Greatness: If you are looking to be the best you can be or wanting your horse to be the best they can be, we can help you achieve your goals and build the success you are striving for.
  • Desire to Learn: Then you are just like me...always searching for more information, for more things to learn, for more ways to communicate better with my horses and build the partnership I have with them to new levels.

Are you passionate about horses?

The community that we hope to build through HorseTeacherU is one that includes all like-minded horse people who are passionate about, not only their horse, but allowing their horse to be the best version of themself.  

We want people who will engage and support one another through successes and challenges.  And of course, we want people with a thirst for knowledge, who want to learn how to better communicate with their horse and who are dedicated to building a stronger bond with them.

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Here is what you get...

Access to Private Facebook Community

  • Connect with other HorseTeacherU Alumni
  • Progress through lessons together
  • Support one another
  • Engage with posts relating to content
  • Be part of the community

Direct Access to Help

  • Direct access to Steve's team for assistance and questions
  • Ask anything
  • Be guided through any lesson or maneuver
  • Get help with difficult scenarios or issues
  • Never be left not knowing what to do or what to do next

Unlimited Video Streaming

  • Concepts to Live By
  • Groundwork Exercises
  • Horsemanship Exercises
  • Patterns & Purpose
  • General Issues
  • ​Foundation Series (Unedited Colt Starting)

Articles and Training Tips

  • Tips and training advice directly form Steve
  • Applicable articles
  • Useful information to help with specific maneuvers
  • Additional articles as they are released and written

The Levels Program

  • Level 1: Foundation
  • ​Level 2: Fundamentals
  • ​Level 3: Partnership
  • ​Follow checklists to mark your progress with your horse
  • ​Build a solid foundation
  • ​Add purpose to build your horse's curiosity
  • ​Confidence and communication
  • ​Refine and add finesse

Discounts and Promotions

  • 25% OFF Steve Rother Horsemanship Clinics
  • ​20% OFF the School of Horse Camps at Horse Creek Ranch
  • ​10% OFF select merchandise and equipment
  • ​Members-only exclusive offers and promotions
...and so much more!
Professor and Steve at the School of Horse
Afternoon Class at the School of Horse

Why this program?

  • Any Breed: Steve's methods have been proven to work with any breed of horse, as well as ponies and miniature horses.
  • Any Discipline: Because Steve's main focus is on foundation; what he teaches can help with any activity you do or plan on doing with your horse.
  • Any Age: This goes for both horse and rider.  Steve has not only spent decades learning from horses, but he has also spent just as much time learning how to pass on that knowledge to you as a person.  He simplifies it so that anyone, from child to adult, can learn it and excel at it.
  • Any Experience: Just like above, because of the simplicity, you do not need to have a huge knowledge base to be able to succeed in this program.  You just need to have the willingness to learn.

...and TODAY you get 14 days COMPLETELY FREE!

Steve was not born with horses, but he knew from a very young age that he wanted them as a part of his life.  He spent decades traveling and soaking up as much horsemanship knowledge as possible.  Through trial and error, he found the methods that work with any horse and for any issue.  Now his mission in life is to help as many people and their horses as he can.  To help people make their horse dreams a reality.  To help them achieve their goals and build their relationships.

Weekly riding lessons can cost between $160-$350 a month!
...and it is usually set on someone else's schedule.

With HorseTeacherU, you can work with your horse whenever you want!
...for as little as $15.99/month.

Quite often you have to travel to a barn or arena for lessons
...and they only last for maybe 0.5-1 hour.

With HorseTeacherU, you can work with your horse wherever you may be
...for as long or short as you want.

When you encounter a problem or don't know what to do, may have to end on a bad note and wait until your next lesson.

With HorseTeacherU, you have access to Steve's team as well as the rest of the community, you are never alone or have to wait for guidance.

What kind of relationship do you have with your horse right now?

  • Is it everything that you hoped that it would be?
  • Is it what you dreamed about when you first got your horse?
  • Do you think it could be better?

What kind of relationship do you want to have in the future?

  • Trust: Your horse's unwavering belief that you will always keep them safe
  • Respect: The willingness your horse has to listen to your requests
  • Partnership: The ability for the two of you to move as one.  The balance of trust and respect that builds the bond and strengthens you as a team.
What if you were only mere seconds away from knowing how to improve your ability to work with your horse?
  • The Horse Teacher himself, reveals his secrets to overcoming any problem you may encounter while working with your horse.
  • He will help you find the ability to effectively communicate and build your confidence in simple steps that anyone can use, with no prior horsemanship knowledge.
Sign up now and get the exact same strategy that thousands have used to transform the relationship that they have with their horse!
Be Guided on a Proven Pathway to Success!
Experience the Joys of Horsemanship
Discover your 'Ahh-Moment.'
Think of the joy you will feel when you have a complete and willing partner in your horse.  When you go out riding and know that you two are a team who can handle anything.  That you won’t have to be one of those riders that is scared their horse may buck, bolt, spook, or any other behavior that makes your stomach jump up into your throat. 

You can be the rider that HAS THE ANSWERS!

Regain the Confidence You've Lost
Steve reveals his secrets to overcoming any problem you may encounter while working with your horse.  He will help you find the ability to effectively communicate and build your confidence in simple steps that anyone can use, with no prior horsemanship knowledge!

Build an Unbreakable Bond
The relationship you will create between you and your horse will be everything that you could have ever hoped for...everything you could have ever dreamed of.   Build a partnership for life!

Advance Your Horsemanship And Achieve Your Dreams
Stay Connected - Get Motivated - Have Fun
Learn to live your dreams with your horse!
We all have dreams of becoming better with our horses. 
Now there is a place where we can all come together so that no one is alone on that journey.

This membership is designed to be more than a is designed for serious horse lovers who want to advance their skills, knowledge, and understanding about horsemanship.  It will help keep you an track to whatever your goal might be and allow you to accelerate your progress, at your own pace.  It is designed to teach you how to Excel with Horses!

When you join, you're certain to take away training tips and understanding that will last you a lifetime.  In addition to the step-by-step training programs that Steve offers, this network will provide you with bonus insight, knowledge, and discounts throughout the year, via both a Members-Only Facebook Group as well as Members-Only Newsletters.  If you are tired of struggling so much and continuously hitting road blocks in your training, this is the place for you!

You don't have to be an equestrian competitor; it doesn't matter what style you ride in (or even if you ride at all; maybe you just want to build your bond from the ground); it doesn't matter your age, your horse's age, your discipline, your horse's breed; all that matters is that you share the passion for horses that the rest of us do...we are all here FOR THE LOVE OF THE HORSE.
Members-Only Group and Personal Access to Steve's Team
This membership doesn't just give you access to a giant video vault with no guidance or place to turn when you run into a road block.  You will have access to a Members-Only Facebook Group where you can feel the support from an entire family of horse people, many of which have probably been in the same spot as you at some point.  Along with the supportive community you will have personal access to Steve's Team for your horsemanship questions.  Steve, himself, will also be checking in on the group regularly to answer questions and provide guidance.

If you don't tend to get on Facebook as much as some, these questions and answers will also be gathered and saved to page at HorseTeacherU so that you can review them and learn from others whenever you want.

The Facebook Group is also meant to be a fun place to share your horse photos and videos, comment, like, and share posts that you think would interest others.  You can share your goals of where you hope to take your horsemanship and your achievements as they happen; knowing that you will receive an outpouring of positivity.  It is also a place to share your fears...sharing what you are afraid of and having others support you or acknowledge that they have the same fear can have an incredible affect on your own confidence and resolve to overcome what scares you.
Videos and Online Lessons
You will have access to over 120 online lessons, with more being added all the time.  Teaching you step-by-step how to improve your horsemanship skills and in the process build a better relationship with your horse.  Steve's lessons include everything from basic groundwork handling and problem solving to more advanced concepts such as body control and trick training.
With the videos there will also be key concepts and articles written by Steve that are the underlying foundation to your success with horses.
Definition of a Horse
Allow Mistakes
Focus on the Feet

Don't Just Go By What We Say,

See What Others Have Said...

"Going out and getting to know my horse's character. Neither one of us have ever done a class so having the tools to fill the blank pages has been awesome. He's on spot with a lot of requests and others he wants to do REALLY FAST in hopes I will get off sooner.! He cracks me up because this is not when we release. Learned that from a great teacher...Thanks Steve so much for dedicating yourself to help us grow with our horses!!!"
~Dee R.
"Really enjoying the step by step progress of these lessons."
~Becky A.
"I will definitely come in with knowing where I am headed, knowing where the end goal is, where the end result is for me and my horse, and the partnership we can truly build; and that is the most exciting thing."
~Diana K.
"I think this challenge made me step up and become more purposeful/observant every single time I interacted with my horses. The Challenge kept that concept front and center. Here's hoping any change we sustain over 30 days will stick with us. Thank you so much Steven Rother!"
~Jennifer D.
"Feeling like I had help and a plan to get going again with my horse. When there has been a long break I get very nervous, because he likes to go, then I put it off even more to start working him. Just got home from a lovely trail ride with him! Thank you Steve, this is a great option for horse owners!"
~Diana B.
"I think these exercises are as good for me (developing my skills) as they are for my horse!"
~Susan H.
"I really enjoyed how both of us had a-ha moments. She really is starting to understand how to react with pressure. With her being so sensitive I really have to be aware of what parts of me are touching her, where, how and why. It was good to have it really broken down. Thank you thank you thank you!"
~Jordan C.
"No matter what I am working on. I remind myself. This makes me feel that she has an option and I give her a chance. It feels more satisfying and I can feel that we are more understanding of each other as partners. The rhythm is something that really seems to follow after getting the phases down. It feels amazing. Someone at the barn asked me today: “How do you make it look so easy”. I felt proud😊"
~Joyce W.
More About Steve's Levels Program: A Pathway for Success

(FREE Access Included With Your HorseTeacherU Enrollment

Included with your membership is access to the Levels Program that Steve has created as a pathway to Excel with Horses.  This program is guaranteed to bring you to a higher level of understanding, ability, and success with your horsemanship.  Steve has designed a step-by-step process that can take even the most basic beginner and allow them to achieve exceptional horsemanship.  
This home study program combined with annual clinic participation has helped thousands of struggling horse owners, and turned them into confident, knowledgeable riders.
Level 1: Foundation
  • Create a solid foundation for both you and your horse to build on.
  • Focus on the principles of respect and trust.
  • ​Learn the basics of how to communicate easily and effectively with your horse.
  • ​See the importance of balance within the mind, body, and emotions.
  • ​Gain detailed insight on how to balance the feet with two types of pressure in all four directions, from the ground and the saddle.
Level 2: Fundamentals
  • Add purpose to the journey.
  • Keep the partnership built in Level 1 progressing forward.
  • Learn ways that you can help add purpose to you and your horse's day, no matter your environment.
  • ​Continue to build on the foundation created in Level 1.
  • ​Begin the process of learning to excel with your horse.
Level 3: Partnership
  • Add finesse to your relationship.
  • Build on the confidence and communication that has been built through Levels 1 and 2.
  • ​Learn how to gain control of individual parts of your horse's body.
  • ​Attain a truly soft and supple horse.
  • ​Add a few tricks to help keep you and your horse searching for new things.
It’s something that a lot of athletes are looking towards as another step in their journey to improving their fitness and having fun.
Scott Panchik
CrossFit Mentality, 5-time individual CrossFit Games veteran
Awesome event…extremely well organized, athletes are taken care of and good events that leave the athletes motivated to train hard rather than wrecked.
CJ Martin
Owner of CrossFit Invictus
Enrollment Now And Get Your First
...And ONLY $15.99/month After That.
Steve can provide you with the tools to help you communicate more effectively with your horse and be the leader that they need you to be, which will then allow the two of you to work in unison as a team.

If this is something that you have been looking for, or maybe something that you didn’t even realize that you were missing, Steve Rother Horsemanship is the place you need to be. Who knows what amazing learning experiences may be just over the horizon, make sure to join the journey so you won’t miss any of the great opportunities Steve offers. 

You may be only One Ride Away from having your horse be everything you ever wanted!

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