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Chapter from Horsemanship Series 1

Pressure and Phases
  • Build a partnership with your horse based on promises and not threats
  • Your horse knows what happens before what happens happens.
  • Teach your horse to move off of lighter amounts of pressure
  • Accentuate your body language to communicate with your horse
  • Use phases and rhythm to help your horse learn
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 Thank you! Thank you for all of your guidance over the years. Hank and I were another one of those "do I keep him?" We attended one of your clinics, I audited more, and really liked this course (One Ride Away). I kept Hank, we have gone on several wagon train rides, trail rides, even started a little mounted shooting! Could not have done it without your help! Always happy to spread the word about your training!"
— Diana B.
 I think these exercises are as good for me (developing my skills) as they are for my horse!"
— Susan H.
 I liked having the accountability of the group and posting when I had finished a lesson but still being able to take things at the right pace for myself and my horse. Also, being able to spend more time on skills as needed. I was able to break things down enough to find the "sticky spots" for both of us."
— Chelle I.
Claim Your Squirrel Art Below...
Claim Your Squirrel Art Below...