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 Articles & Training Tips directly from Steve ($272)
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 Thank you! Thank you for all of your guidance over the years. Hank and I were another one of those "do I keep him?" We attended one of your clinics, I audited more, and really liked this course (One Ride Away). I kept Hank, we have gone on several wagon train rides, trail rides, even started a little mounted shooting! Could not have done it without your help! Always happy to spread the word about your training!"
— Diana B.
 I think these exercises are as good for me (developing my skills) as they are for my horse!"
— Susan H.
 I liked having the accountability of the group and posting when I had finished a lesson but still being able to take things at the right pace for myself and my horse. Also, being able to spend more time on skills as needed. I was able to break things down enough to find the "sticky spots" for both of us."
— Chelle I.
Advance Your Horsemanship And Achieve Your Dreams
Stay Connected - Get Motivated - Have Fun
Learn to live your dreams with your horse!
We all have dreams of becoming better with our horses. 
Now there is a place where we can all come together so that no one is alone on that journey.

This membership is designed to be more than a club...it is designed for serious horse lovers who want to advance their skills, knowledge, and understanding about horsemanship.  It will help keep you an track to whatever your goal might be and allow you to accelerate your progress, at your own pace.  It is designed to teach you how to Excel with Horses!

When you join, you're certain to take away training tips and understanding that will last you a lifetime.  In addition to the step-by-step training programs that Steve offers, this network will provide you with bonus insight, knowledge, and discounts throughout the year, via both a Members-Only Facebook Group as well as Members-Only Newsletters.  If you are tired of struggling so much and continuously hitting road blocks in your training, this is the place for you!

You don't have to be an equestrian competitor; it doesn't matter what style you ride in (or even if you ride at all; maybe you just want to build your bond from the ground); it doesn't matter your age, your horse's age, your discipline, your horse's breed; all that matters is that you share the passion for horses that the rest of us do...we are all here FOR THE LOVE OF THE HORSE.
Videos and Online Lessons
You will have access to over 120 online lessons, with more being added all the time.  Teaching you step-by-step how to improve your horsemanship skills and in the process build a better relationship with your horse.  Steve's lessons include everything from basic groundwork handling and problem solving to more advanced concepts such as body control and trick training.
With the videos there will also be key concepts and articles written by Steve that are the underlying foundation to your success with horses.
Definition of a Horse
Allow Mistakes
Focus on the Feet
Members-Only Group and Personal Access to Steve's Team
This membership doesn't just give you access to a giant video vault with no guidance or place to turn when you run into a road block.  You will have access to a Members-Only Facebook Group where you can feel the support from an entire family of horse people, many of which have probably been in the same spot as you at some point.  Along with the supportive community you will have personal access to Steve's Team for your horsemanship questions.  Steve, himself, will also be checking in on the group regularly to answer questions and provide guidance.

If you don't tend to get on Facebook as much as some, these questions and answers will also be gathered and saved to page at HorseTeacherU so that you can review them and learn from others whenever you want.

The Facebook Group is also meant to be a fun place to share your horse experiences...post photos and videos, comment, like, and share posts that you think would interest others.  You can share your goals of where you hope to take your horsemanship and your achievements as they happen; knowing that you will receive an outpouring of positivity.  It is also a place to share your fears...sharing what you are afraid of and having others support you or acknowledge that they have the same fear can have an incredible affect on your own confidence and resolve to overcome what scares you.
The Levels Program: A Pathway for Success
Included with your membership is access to the Levels Program that Steve has created as a pathway to Excel with Horses.  This program is guaranteed to bring you to a higher level of understanding, ability, and success with your horsemanship.  Steve has designed a step-by-step process that can take even the most basic beginner and allow them to achieve exceptional horsemanship.  
This home study program combined with annual clinic participation has helped thousands of struggling horse owners, and turned them into confident, knowledgeable riders.
Level 1: Foundation
  • Create a solid foundation for both you and your horse to build on.
  • Focus on the principles of respect and trust.
  • ​Learn the basics of how to communicate easily and effectively with your horse.
  • ​See the importance of balance within the mind, body, and emotions.
  • ​Gain detailed insight on how to balance the feet with two types of pressure in all four directions, from the ground and the saddle.
Level 2: Fundamentals
  • Add purpose to the journey.
  • Keep the partnership built in Level 1 progressing forward.
  • Learn ways that you can help add purpose to you and your horse's day, no matter your environment.
  • ​Continue to build on the foundation created in Level 1.
  • ​Begin the process of learning to excel with your horse.
Level 3: Partnership
  • Add finesse to your relationship.
  • Build on the confidence and communication that has been built through Levels 1 and 2.
  • ​Learn how to gain control of individual parts of your horse's body.
  • ​Attain a truly soft and supple horse.
  • ​Add a few tricks to help keep you and your horse searching for new things.
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For the people who want even more...
EQuine MasterClass
Get access to everything HorseTeacherU has to offer,
Access to weekly Live Q&A Sessions with Steve
Join Steve on Facebook Live each week where he will answer your burning horsemanship questions.
Free Access to Some of the New Programs Coming to Rother Horsemanship
There are some very exciting programs and projects in the works!
Access to New Videos as Soon as They're Released
Steve is constantly working to update his video library, creating more content to help people achieve better horsemanship.
Chances to Book One-on-One Online Coaching Sessions with Steve
These sessions will allow you to get personal help directly from Steve if you are struggling with any specific maneuver, exercise, or issue.
Access to the One Ride Away Proven Pathway
This program has helped so many Students of the Horse already.
Unlimited Streaming of Steve's Success Series DVDs
Your guide to preparing your horse for success from the ground and from the saddle.
Unlimited Streaming of Steve's Liberty DVD
Your guide to achieving success at liberty.
COMING SOON: Pathway to a Liberty Horse
COMING SOON: Pathway to a Performance Horse
COMING SOON: Pathway to a Better Relationship with Your Horse
COMING SOON: A Video Guide to the Levels Program
And So Much More To Come...
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